10 10 2009

Who are the people who depend on My Brother’s Table?


…are out of work or under-employed.

… live on the street.

…have health problems or disabilities.

…are seniors with no regular income.

…have children or aging parents they are taking care of.

…are just down on their luck.

…are God’s children.


Unemployment in the Frederiksted area is nearly 30%. This means many who want to work, cannot find it. And those with family in the area who are also struggling, are reticent to be a burden on them.

My Brother’s Table provides them with a safe place to gather, a nutritious meal (often their only meal of the day), and someone to talk to if they choose. 

brother2Other than a meal-time grace, this is not a place or time for prosyletizing. My Brother’s Table primary mission is to meet the nutritional and fellowship needs of all who walk through our doors.







My Brother’s Table serves up about 35 meals a day in the dining room. Plus, an additional 20 to 30 meals are picked up by other ministries who serve in the area.


Rose and Hyacinth
are the staff cooks at the Table. Their meals are reknown for their hearty taste and healthy portions. Their generous spirits and broad smiles make everyone feel welcome.

  rose  hyacinth